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West Mountain Air Transport

Aside from raising beautiful Collie puppies, I also offer in cabin personal VIP transports from airport to airport most anywhere in the US! This type of transport is offered at a discount for all "WMC" puppy buyers that meet the requirements, and it is also available for other dogs/puppies! I fly with your pet all the way to their destination and they never leave my side till delivery! We can fly to any major airport in the US, as long as the dog/puppy meets the requirements. Fill out our form below to get a quote, or get in touch with us!

West Mountain Transport.png
West Mountain Transport.png
In Cabin VIP Transport
(Discount for "WMC" puppy buyers)
This is the best, and most preferred way to transport your pet! This transport is VIP, which means that your pet will fly with us in cabin, and will be with me all the way to there destination!
*Terms and Conditions*
(Dog/Puppy must be up to date on shots)
(Be no more than 11" tall and weigh no more than 15 pounds)
(Must be healthy enough to travel, with a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel date)
(And you, or the receiver, must be able to meet at airport of arrival)
In Accompanied Cargo
(No Discount for "WMC" puppy buyers)
This type of transport is offered for dogs/puppies that are to big to fly in cabin! We offer everything needed for your pet to fly, and will accompany them to there final destination, while flying on the same plane as your pet fly's below! We only fly dogs in accompanied cargo with the best pet friendly airline's, and will make sure they get to their final destination!
*Terms and Conditions*
(Dog/Puppy must be up to date on shots)
(Be healthy enough to fly, and have a health certificate issued by your vet within 10 days of travel date)
(Must weigh no more than 140 pounds)
Have questions or want to chat before asking for a quote? Feel free to call, email, or text me!
Phone: 970-556-8623
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