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Upcoming Litters

Welcome to our "Upcoming Litters" page! If we are expecting a litter, its listed below! Most of my puppies are sold before they are even born, so if you are wanting a puppy from us, I would recommend getting on the "Waiting List"! If you would like to get on our "Waiting List" for one of these litters, please fill out our "Waiting List" form! Each litter has a number of spots available. We will only except deposits and "Waiting List" forms, for the spots available! We also require a $300 nun-refundable deposit be placed to hold your spot, (deposits are only valid for one year). When I receive the "Waiting List" form, I will get in touch with you!

We are expecting a litter in August from our american collies!
We are so excited to announce that we are expecting an American Collie litter with Lexi and Bailey! These puppies will be beautiful as always and have excellent bloodlines! The parents of this litter were also tested for CEA and MDR1, and do not have either! Colors expected are: Sable, Sable Merle, and Mahogany! (Fill out our "Waiting List Form" if you are interested)
Waiting List:
(Accepting up to 7 deposits)
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