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Lexi's Dad


Our Girl's

AKC: West Mountain Collies Lexi



Lexi's Mom


Lexi is a beautiful Sable merle girl, with an excellent pedigree! She loves to play and go for walks. Lexi is also a great mother, and has beautiful puppies! Parents are (Stirlings Endeavour Tartanside-Overland Bear Hug) and (Stirlings Hollicove-Clarion Sasha). Beautiful parents! 

Lexi 1.JPG

Monsolaina's Dad

Master Boy.jpg
Lexi 2.JPG
Lexi 5.JPG


AKC: Alsting CH Tupical Blue


Monsolaina's Mom

Alsting Black Rose.jpg

Monsolaina is a outstanding beautiful blue girl, with excellent bloodlines! We imported her from Russia, from a World Class Collie breeder. She would do amazing in the show ring! Her Grandfather is JCh.Rus Beldones Black Diamond. She is a very active dog, always ready to play! Monsolaina is very similar to the International Champion (Monsolana Velvet Blue). Her father is the famous (Monsolana Masterboy) and mother (Alsting Black Rose). Beautiful parents!

West Mountain Collies (1).png
Monsolaina 4.JPG
Nirvana's Dad
56640106_2426956533990336_6763668348317204480_n (1).jpg
Monsolaina 5.JPG
"Riverside Song Nirvana"
Nirvana's Mom
Olivia (Nirvana Elana's Mom).jpg

Nirvana is a beautiful big Tri girl, with a very loyal personality! She loves to play fetch and lay in your lap. She has an amazing pedigree with champions! She was imported from Romania, and both of her parents are from France. Her Grandfather is the International Champion: "Riverside Song Rock My World"! We also own her sister "Elana".

Official Licensed Presentation for Nirvana.jpg
Elana's Dad
56640106_2426956533990336_6763668348317204480_n (1).jpg
"Riverside Song Night Cafe"
Elana is a very well built Tri girl! She loves running around, and playing tug of war. She has an amazing pedigree! Both of her parents are from France, and her Grandfather is the Internation Champion: "Riverside Song Rock My World"! We also own her sister, "Nirvana".
Official Licensed Presentation for Elana.jpg
Elana's Mom
Olivia (Nirvana Elana's Mom).jpg
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